PAMP has signed an agreement with the Swiss government to implement concrete measures aimed at further reducing its carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

    According to PAMP's latest Sustainability Report – which was released independently for the seventh consecutive year – the company has committed to a five-year strategy of defined objectives that will maximize energy efficiency related to its CO2 emissions.

    Among those newly identified measures is the installation of a heat recovery system within PAMP's facility, which will provide a wide range of benefits for the company and its surrounding environment. Those benefits include an overall reduction in CO2 emissions, the termination of the use of diesel, an overall reduction in energy consumption, a movement towards energy from cleaner sources, and an eventual elimination of stocks of fuels and the transportation required to move them.

    In addition to those measures, PAMP has recently installed two probes that continuously detect air quality, as well as a PLC system (Programmable Logic Controller) aimed at facilitating the work of the company's aqueduct.

    Each measure provides a further example of the steps PAMP takes to consistently acheive its sustainable development goals. Its performance and influence in that area have established the company as the industry leader in sustainability, consistently exceeding even the highest standards of environmental, economic and social responsibility.

  • PAMP is pleased to announce the release of its Sustainability Report for the 2015–2016 fiscal year.

     The latest report outlines the company's activities in the area of social, environmental and economic responsibility while further demonstrating the overall continuity of PAMP's commitment to sustainable development.

    The highlights of the report include great strides in the company's commitment to maintaining a sustainable supply chain. After obtaining its Chain-of-Custody (CoC) certifaction in the previous fiscal year, PAMP had its first fully-traceable, Chain-of-Custody certified production in March of 2016.

    PAMP developed objectives for the reduction of CO2 emissions over a five-year period and implemented new measures in 2016 to achieve those goals. The new measures, including the installation of a heat recovery system, will contribute to cleaner energy sources and an overall reduction in energy consumption.

    The company made further advances in the area of customer security by applying its revolutionary VERISCAN bullion authentication technology to the Royal Australian Mint's Kangaroo coin series – the first official legal tender series to be verifiable through VERISCAN.

    Released for the seventh consecutive year, PAMP's Sustainability Report was compiled to outline the company's accomplishments as well as lay out its clearly defined goals for the future. PAMP continues to lead the industry with a social, environmental and economic strategy that is constantly improved upon to exceed industry sustainability standards.

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